Saturday, January 23, 2010

This is good

An African king had a friend who had the habit of uttering "This is Good" about anything and everything that occurred. One day the two friends went out for hunting where the friend loaded the gun for the king to shoot. But since he had loaded it wrong, the king's finger was blown off when the gun was fired. He immediately remarked as he normally did, "this is good" The king got furious as he writhed in pain. Consequently the friend was jailed.

A year later the king went on hunting all by himself unescorted. To his horror he was captured by some cannibals and was tied up to a tree. The king watched in dismay as the cannibals stacked some wood to set up a stake and tied him to it. Just as they were about to set fire, they noticed the missing thumb of the king in one hand. With superstition overriding them, as they would not feed on a man who is disabled, they set him free.

When the king reached the palace, he wasted no time to release his friend. He apologized whole heartedly for the wrong that he had committed against him. The friend as customary of himself remarked, "this is good!" When the stupified king asked why he said so, the friend replied that had he not been imprisoned he would have been killed by the cannibals as he would have escorted the king!

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