Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Only place without challenges

Once a there lived a busy Doctor called Dr. Sam. He was busy not because of his skill as a Doctor but due to his talent in handling his patience. It was about 10:30 pm when Dr. Sam was about to leave his clinic. Suddenly a patient came running to the doctor’s room. Dr. Sam asked him what was his problem? The patient said - “Dr. Sam, I have a great regard for you. Now all I require is a straight forward answer for my question”. “What is your question?” asked Dr. Sam. He replied - “I wanted to know whether there is any place on earth where there are no challenges?” Dr. Sam asked him why he was asking it. The patient replied that he wanted to be in that place.
Dr. Sam said that it was too late and asked him to come to his house early in the morning by 7:00 am and he promised him that he would take him to the place. The patient went home and was wondering where the doctor would be taking him, the next day. He never slept for the night and was waiting for the sunrise. Then he visited the doctor’s residence by 7:00 am, where the doctor was waiting for him. Then both of them walked down to the nearest taxi stand and took a taxi.
It took about one hour of drive from the place and they reached the place. It was a big area with a high-raised walls and the entrance had a big gate. The patient was wondering and started thinking whether the Dr. Sam had gone mad or what? Yes, Dr. Sam had brought the patient to the cemetery. And Dr.Sam got down from the taxi and said - “from my experience, this is the only place without any challenges”.

Moral of the Story:

Overcoming Challenges are part of the life.
Challenges make us strong and stable.
It is only when we have Challenges, we are Alive

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